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New Generation Modular Homes.

New Generation Modular +  Homes

Systematic construction methods that combine innovation and quality making your dream home within reach. 

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InNovation moves us...

There is a better way! 

With our innovative and time-tested modular homes, homeowners can enjoy more savings, traditional appreciation, and reduce maintenance costs. Our modular homes are built in Oklahoma and made to last. Modular homes require less upkeep than manufactured homes, giving home buyers a superior option. We don’t just build modular homes — we craft lasting memories for generations of families. 

a new way of building homes.
A New way of building communites.

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Let's break it down

The Modular Method



We offer high quality time tested modular  home construction for both residential and buy-to-rent customers. 


Traditional Apprecation


Save Time & Money 

We're obsessed with quality. Our homes require less maintenance and upkeep and are priced lower than onsite builds saving you time and money. 

Our homes increase in value overtime and your investment equity will be much higher than with manufactured mobile home options.  Evolution Modular homes are a perfect addition to your real estate or rental portfolio. See floorplans!



No longer will first-time homebuyers be sidelined by rising interest rates and low inventory. With Evolution Modular homeownership can be a reality. Learn about financing

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Welcome to the...

New Generation Home Building

real estate revolution

a proud member of..

“We must reimagine the construction process to get more homes to more people.”

- Dustin Morgan

Revolutionizing Real Estate.

Imagine a world where families have access to affordable and sustainable housing options. A world where communities are built to last and homes are designed to meet the needs of residents. 

When choosing Evolution Modular, you accelerate home construction, and increase energy efficiency, all while maintaining quality craftsmanship.  

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Renters in the U.S.


Average 30 Year Mortgage interest rate as of April 2023.


Of people in U.S will  rent instead of buy.


Housing market is short 6.5 million homes.

How Does This Sound?

When you choose Modular:


Trust your family home will be built to stand the test of time and become your legacy. 


Fast and timely building so your home is delivered fast. 


Organized construction process that makes homes more affordable.


Energy efficient construction saving you money for a lifetime. 


Accelerate home construction, reduce waste, maintain quality with homes that last lifetimes. 


on the move...


The concept of transporting products from one location to another has revolutionized industries and helped our country grow. The housing industry is no exception. With mass migration and relocation becoming increasingly common, the need for quality-built homes is more crucial than ever. That's where the ability to transport modular homes comes in - it's a game changer. Our company, Evolution Modular, understands the value of efficient and reliable home transportation to meet the housing demand. We're dedicated to building homes that are durable, energy-efficient, and easy to transport and assemble.


The developers solution. 

With our innovative and time-tested modular homes, investors can enjoy better returns, save time, and reduce maintenance costs. Our homes are built to last and require less upkeep, giving investors peace of mind and more time to focus on family. With better-built homes, buy-to-rent customers can attract better tenants, boosting their properties' reputation and yielding higher earnings.

a new way of building homes.
A New way of building communites.

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Your dream home. Your Terms....

So Let's Get Started!

Hey there!

I'm Dustin, 

For 20 years, I have honed my craft with over 300 successful modular home builds. From the inner workings to the finished product, I know modular construction inside and out. With my passion and know-how I have created Evolution Modular to revolutionize the industry and make the dream of homeownership a reality.  

Not your mama's home builder

Our unwavering mission is to provide families with homes that are exceptional in quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

At Evolution Modular, we make it our priority to offer affordable solutions to enable families to flourish, foster strong communities, and pave the way to a brighter future for themselves and the world. 

designed with families & investors in mind.

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“as we evolve our homes should, too. ”

— Suzanne Tucker

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Evolution Modular different from on-site builders?

Evolution Modular uses advanced building technologies to construct homes in a controlled environment with higher quality materials, resulting in a faster and more efficient construction process. Our homes are also built to be more sustainable and energy-efficient, saving residents money in the long run.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

120 to 150 days and you are ready to move into your dream home. 

Are modular homes more affordable than traditional homes?

Yes, modular homes are often more affordable than traditional homes due to the controlled system built environment, streamlined construction process, and reduced material waste. Learn more on our pricing page. 

Are modular homes customizable?

Yes, Evolution Modular offers a range of floorplan customization options for our modular homes to fit the specific needs and preferences of our homebuyers and  investors.

Yes, all Evolution Modular homes are built to meet or exceed local and national building codes and regulations.

What kind of warranty does Evolution Modular offer?

Are modular homes built to code?

Yes, our modular homes come with a 1 year builder warranty. 

How does financing work for modular homes?

Financing for modular homes is similar to financing for traditional homes, with options for mortgages, home equity loans, and personal loans. Evolution Modular works with investors to find the best financing option for their needs.

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